The Inclusive Hub

“The Steve Morgan Foundation are the main reason the Inclusive Hub are here today. The ongoing support and love given to us by them has helped us pass that directly on to our hundreds of participants. Our life changing work has been anchored by the life changing mentorship given to us from the Steve Morgan Foundation. From everyone associated with the Inclusive Hub we thank you.”

Liam Starkey

Director at the Inclusive Hub

The Steve Morgan Foundation provided a £60,000 grant to the Inclusive Hub in 2020 as part of the Department for Digital, Culture & Sport’s Match Challenge Fund. As the Inclusive Hub’s first grant, this was key to the charity’s development, supporting the refurbishment of an exercise gym at its initial premises, as well as staff wages over an 18-month period.

Based in Bootle and operating across North Liverpool and South Sefton, the Inclusive Hub aims to inspire, motivate and empower people of all ages and abilities through fun-based exercise centred around boxing and fitness training. The charity also provides informal education, volunteering and work placement opportunities, signposting and mentoring. Since 2020, it has been providing food hampers to local families across Liverpool.

Adults with disabilities undertaking boxing workout at Inclusive Hub, Bottle Steve Morgan Foundation Trustee with boxing regular giving a hug

In 2022, we awarded a second grant of £60,000 over a two-year period, which is being used to support part of the salaries of two essential staff, the Business Development Manager and Head Coach. These roles have been critical to the expansion of the Inclusive Hub’s services following the pandemic, as well as its move to new premises.

Our support has enabled the Inclusive Hub to expand its range of services for children and young people with varying disabilities, additional needs and neurodiversity, and for vulnerable women and adult males in need. The charity now offers support programmes for young people at risk of becoming engaged in antisocial, criminal or violent behaviour.

Overall, the Inclusive Hub has been able to significantly increase the number of people it reaches. Our team has stayed in contact throughout and provided help and advice as required.

Find out more about the Inclusive Hub here.

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