IntoUniversity education centre, Kirkby launch event

IntoUniversity education centre

“We’re delighted to have officially launched our new education centre in Kirkby to support young people in exploring and nurturing their talents. Thanks to all our partners for making this all possible.

Dr Rachel Carr

Chief Excutive and Co-Founder of IntoUniversity

In September 2023, the Steve Morgan Foundation formed a ground-breaking partnership with LFC Foundation, Everton in the Community and the University of Liverpool to provide investment for five years for a new IntoUniversity education centre in Kirkby that aims to deliver educational support and development opportunities for seven to 18 years olds in the region.

IntoUniversity is a national social mobility charity which runs learning centres across England and Scotland. Working with a number of primary and secondary school pupils through partnerships with schools in the area, the charity provides a safe space for young people to learn, explore and succeed in a welcoming and supportive home from home environment. The charity has a proven track record of improving attainment into higher education for students facing disadvantage.

Kirkby is among the 10% most deprived areas in the country with around 35% of children in the town living in poverty and only 26.9% of students progressing into higher education, which is why the area is a prime location for an IntoUniversity education centre.

The new facility held an official opening celebration event in March 2024. The funding from the partnership has enabled IntoUniversity to employ four full-time members of staff at the new centre offering after-school academic support, mentoring with local university students and professionals, in-school aspiration-raising workshops and enrichment and work experience opportunities – all designed to give our young people the skills, confidence and information to make informed choices about their future and ultimately reach their full potential. 

This unique, collaborative partnership is the first of its kind and we hope it will encourage other communities across the country to form similar collaborations.

Find out more about IntoUniversity here.

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