Gilbrook School sensory room

Gilbrook School

“Our ethos is “together we can achieve” and we seek at all times to provide every encouragement for our pupils to succeed. The sensory room, as well as the minibus and outdoor equipment provided by The Steve Morgan Foundation have provided countless opportunities for nurture, wellbeing and personal development for which we are thankful.”

Nicola Callan

Adminstrator, Gilbrook School

In 2021, the Steve Morgan Foundation provided Gilbrook School with an Enable grant of £5,000, which was match funded by Cash for Kids, to fund the installation and equipping of a new, fit for purpose sensory room.

The room is accessible to all pupils and is used to calm and improve mood, reduce aggressive behaviour, boost social skills and help with anxiety.

Gilbrook School is a primary specialist school in Wirral for children who have an educational health care plan for social, emotional and mental health issues. Many pupils also have complex, debilitating additional needs, and often need ‘time out’ to moderate mood fluctuations. Time in the sensory room can help reduce melt downs and generally improves both the individual child’s wellbeing and that of the school overall.

The school, which has 60 pupils and 38 staff, provides a caring, nurturing environment for its pupils, who are encouraged to manage and overcome their difficulties, achieve academically, and ultimately develop into active and responsible members of society.



Classroom assistant and pupil enjoy play time outside Three children playing make believe in school playgroundSchool pupil feeding the school goat

Previously, the Steve Morgan Foundation has supported the school with funding for an outdoor climbing frame and a minibus.

Find out more about Gilbrook School here.



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