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“The Steve Morgan Foundation has been an unbelievable funder, not just providing the finances to deliver our work but also moral support and guidance.”

Shaun Glanville

Project Manager, CELLS Project CIC

In 2022, the Steve Morgan Foundation provided £75,000 to fund the recruitment and employment of a mentor leader for CELLS, a charity that helps young people to understand the consequences of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Established in 2009 and operating throughout Merseyside, CELLS uses rehabilitated ex-offenders to provide education, assistance and diversionary activities for children and young people to protect them from gangs.

The mentor leader for the charity has been funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation over a three-year period and oversees a team of 12 mentors, providing them with mentoring management and support.

They also receive ongoing advice and encouragement from our team.

CELLS staff infront of the prison cell mockupCELLS staff member handing sample prison uniform to school child as part of education demonstration on making the right choices CELLS Staff undertaking class lesson on making the right choices to avoid prison

Through its range of projects, CELLS educates on areas such as victim impact, the effects on families, gang culture, gun and knife crime, prison life, training and progression into employment.

Its projects include a podcast-based Q&A forum led by young people (KidsKast), support through structured rehabilitation and reintegration (itsup2u), and awareness and mentoring programmes.

Visit the CELLS website to learn more.

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