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“We couldn’t have done Maggie’s Wirral without the extremely generous support of the Steve Morgan Foundation. Their support in commissioning, designing, building and funding this centre, as well as two others is the only way we would have been able to support as many people as possible across the region.”

Dame Laura Lee

Chief Executive at Maggie's

Funding committed to date: £12 million

There are 18,000 new cancer diagnoses every year in Merseyside and Cheshire alone, turning lives upside down on a daily basis. Cancer support charity, Maggie’s provides incredible help in this space – but not everyone can easily access a Maggie’s centre.

We helped Maggie’s bring its vital support to people with cancer and their loved ones in Merseyside, with a brand new centre in the Wirral that was entirely commissioned, designed, built and funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation. 

Our collaboration with Maggie’s began in 2018, when Steve and Sally Morgan recognised the need for a Maggie’s centre in the local area. Sally had recently been through treatment for breast cancer and recognised Maggie’s as a national charity that was doing things well.

Following visits to Maggie’s Manchester, we offered to design and build a brand-new Maggie’s centre in the Wirral. We then worked with Maggie’s to deliver their product in the most cost-effective way. Drawing on our substantial built environment expertise, we positively influenced practical and design decisions which saved the charity money, enabling more funds to be directed towards its charitable work.

The result was a new, beautifully appointed building providing a peaceful and inspiring space; through which Maggie’s is able to help more people to take back control after a cancer diagnosis, with its evidence-based programmes, courses and support groups.

Importantly, through our support and expertise, Maggie’s Wirral was built at much lower cost than would have been possible without our involvement, significantly increasing the value of our contribution and as such, we are thrilled to commit to building two more Maggie’s centres over the next couple of years, one in North Wales and one in Liverpool.

Our collaboration with Maggie’s is one of the strongest examples of our philosophy of ‘disruptive philanthropy’. It highlights the Foundation’s ability to ‘give’ well, by harnessing our expertise, practical support and commercial experience to maximise the impact of our financial support.

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