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Together Type 1

“Growing up can be tough, but thousands across the UK also have to manage a serious and relentless condition – often without meeting or sharing their experiences with other young people like them. It’s time to change this. Together Type 1 is transformational for young people with type 1 diabetes, connecting and empowering them, and giving them back control.

We’re incredibly grateful to the Steve Morgan Foundation. Through this partnership we will support young people and their families across the UK, equipping them with the tools, support and community they need to navigate the highs and lows of this lifelong condition.”

Colette Marshall

Chief Executive at Diabetes UK

Funding committed to date: £5 million

Together Type 1 (the new name for Our Lives, Our Choices, Our Voices) is a pioneering programme for young people aged 11 to 25 with type 1 diabetes. Developed by Diabetes UK, the UK’s leading diabetes charity and funded by Steve Morgan Foundation the programme was launched in September 2022 and was the first of its kind to be rolled out in-person and online across the UK.

Thousands of children and young people with type 1 diabetes report feeling down about their condition, that they don’t feel in control and that it’s holding them back. Many feel isolated, often having never met another young person with the condition. A diagnosis of type 1 diabetes also impacts the families and loved ones of children and young people affected, with parents or guardians often feeling isolated, anxious and exhausted.

Driven by their experiences and needs, young people with type 1 diabetes and their families are being supported by the programme through:

  • Increasing knowledge and confidence on how to best manage type 1 diabetes
  • Reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness through developing peer support networks
  • Improving relationships with healthcare professionals

In 2022, through our partnership with Diabetes UK we provided £5 million funding to deliver a UK-wide peer support programme to young people living with type 1 diabetes, as they transition to adulthood. Diabetes UK are offering an integrated, youth-led approach to supporting families affected by type 1 diabetes and are working with local partners, communities, paediatric diabetes units and the health system to offer a combination of local and national support services.

Together Type 1 Young Leader sat with Youth Worker Diabetes UK

Youth workers at Diabetes UK have been working closely with young leaders in the community and building partnerships with hospitals, education settings and clinics to reach young people. Young leaders have delivered a range of activities including panel discussions and meetings with healthcare professionals. Partnerships with schools, colleges, universities and teaching hospitals have been established and connections made with community organisations that work with young people to promote the programme, share information and signpost young people so they can access support.

Together Type 1: stories of change from Diabetes UK

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