St Andrew’s Community Network

“The Steve Morgan Foundation’s Associate Charities partnership provides a unique opportunity to work alongside other organisations that share our commitment to see lives and communities changed. It is a privilege to be supported in this way, and we look forward to sharing our experiences as a charity and to learning from others who work alongside the Steve Morgan Foundation, both as Associate Charities and in other spheres of influence. ”

Rich Jones

CEO of St Andrew's Community Network

The Steve Morgan Foundation and St Andrew’s Community Network have been working together for almost a decade, with the Foundation providing the charity with a number of funding programmes prior to, during, and beyond the pandemic years. We’re looking forward to continuing this support through our Associate Charities partnership.

Funding through the partnership will help with St Andrew’s Community Network’s staff costs, so its team can continue to resource over 20 other organisations in the region, all with a shared goal to design out poverty and build sustainable communities that bring belonging, change, connection, and purpose.

About St Andrew’s Community Network

The St Andrew’s Community Network connects churches and community organisations and equips them with the tools needed to free people from the life affecting consequences of poverty.

Operating across North Liverpool, the Network co-ordinates the North Liverpool Foodbank, provides debt and benefits advice and volunteering opportunities, and is committed to creating sustainable food provision in partnership with Your Local Pantry.

The charity is committed to building a strong and successful network, so that support over a range of issues may be offered by communities and for their communities.

Futures filled with hope

Effecting locally rooted change from within, the St Andrew’s Community Network helps people not just to make ends meet, but to find direction, purpose, and to step into futures filled with hope and opportunity.

Since its inception in 2003, it has delivered a unique model of care, ensuring that every person that engages with the Network can access short or the long-term opportunities to:

  • Build financial resilience
  • Build food security
  • Belong to a sustainable and caring community

These three endeavours form the fundamental components of the charity’s “change toolkit”.

As the cost-of-living crisis rains on, St Andrew’s Community Network will continue its work on the frontline of tackling poverty and providing crisis support to those most in need, through resourcing crucial financial advice and emergency food provisions. Using funding from the Associate Charities partnership with the Steve Morgan Foundation, the charity hopes to increase this element of its work even further over the coming years.

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