Open Door Charity

“With support from The Steve Morgan Foundation, we have helped to transform mental health support in Wirral and Merseyside. It has enabled our programmes to flourish and grow. Our future home of Joy, service offering and general worldview is testament to our relationship with the Foundation and how they have allowed us to go from strength to strength, sharing the journey with us.”

Lee Pennington

Director at Open Door Charity

The Steve Morgan Foundation has been a key funder and strong supporter of Open Door over a 12-year period, allowing the charity to grow the free support it offers to young people so that it can continue to shape change around mental health. 

In 2018, a time of financial crises for the charity, we quickly recognised the need for compassion and a flexible approach to allow them to continue operating. We stepped in to support a key role within the charity. 

As an Associate Charity of the Foundation, our continued support will play a key role in the charity’s growth, assisting them to become more financially sustainable by funding key infrastructure costs and providing access to a wider network of peer organisations to help them solve shared challenges and promote cohesion. 

About Open Door Charity

Open Door Charity is one of Merseyside’s most dynamic and progressive independent charities. Based in Birkenhead, it delivers a holistic and creative programme of services that supports the wellbeing and mental health of young people and their families. All of its programmes are free of charge, with no waiting lists. Its services are engaging and versatile, providing choices that aren’t available through conventional mental health services.

Since it began 12 years ago, Open Door has shone a light on the positive impact that communities can have in the world when the people within them come together to exact real change. What started as a grassroots, modest concept, it has grown to become a key player in the mental health, culture and voluntary fields.

Open Door has been through a significant period of development over the past few years. Not only has it taken on new projects and commissioned additional services, it has also grown its team of staff and volunteers and now operates from two main sites in Birkenhead.

A ‘joy’ful new home

The next step for Open Door Charity is the opening of its future home, Joy. Joy will transform the Treasury Annex Building in Birkenhead into a thriving hub for arts, culture, health and wellbeing. Joy will place mental health and clinical support services into a completely different environment that is a dynamic and creative community space. The space is due to open in 2025.

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