Women’s charity launches service to help vulnerable girls

A charity which has been improving the lives of vulnerable women in Wirral for nearly a decade has expanded its services to include girls aged between 14-17.

Angela Murphy, Chief Executive of Tomorrow’s Women Wirral (TWW), decided to bring forward the launch of the new service – called Tomorrow’s Young Women – after being awarded £74,134 by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The award is broken down into an extension of three years for a grant initially awarded three years ago for a domestic abuse empowerment officer, which has been hugely successful, and £10,000 over one year for the Tomorrow’s Young Women project, which was launched on May 4.

Explaining how the charity first came about Angela said: “We launched it in September 2011 to help women over the age of 18 in Wirral and the surrounding area on a range of issues including domestic abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, financial problems and mental health issues.”

TWW is also committed to reducing female imprisonment, offending and to provide assistance to those women who want to make positive lifestyle changes.

“We’re based in an old school in the middle of Birkenhead and have a full timetable of interventions,” said Angela. “We have regular drop-in sessions with the police and solicitors and work with a large number of partner agencies.

“Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company is based within TWW enabling all women the opportunity to access support from over 180 Wirral agencies.

“Before Covid-19 we would typically see around 140 people a day but because of the pandemic we had to change the way we operate and offer virtual services.”

Angela said they were determined that some good would come out of the situation so brought forward the launch date of the Tomorrow’s Young Women project.

She said: “Because of requests from our partners and parents we were asked if we could do anything for younger women aged between 14-17 who may be experiencing problem relationships, child exploitation, poor mental health or substance misuse issues.

“We launched the project on May 4th and already have had an amazing response. We’re having to run it virtually at the moment because of social distancing but when the lockdown is over we plan to have an official launch.

“Our message to young women aged between 14-17 is that there’s now a dedicated place for them. As they develop into adults they’ll be more informed and hopefully they’ll become peer leads. You can contact Tomorrow’s Young Women on 0151 647 7907 weekdays 9am – 4pm.”

Angela said the grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation Covid-19 Emergency Fund was critical.

“We recognised there was a need for a project to help young women now and thanks to the Steve Morgan Foundation we’ve been able to launch it earlier,” she said. “We’re extremely grateful.”

Steve Morgan, of the Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “I’m really glad that we’ve been able to help Tomorrow’s Women Wirral bring forward the launch of their new service for young women while also continue the funding for the domestic abuse empowerment officer.”

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