Wheels For All!

On your bike!

A charity which delivers inclusive and accessible cycling to promote health and wellbeing in the local communities is benefitting from a “strong partnership” with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Wheels For All, a Cycling Project initially based in the North West, has been able to launch a North Wales network with thanks to a three-year grant of £68, 561.

Two years into that grant, substantial progress has been made ensuring more and more people have access to cycling, including adapted cycling for anyone with a disability or special needs.

“The difference of the investment of funding into Cycling Projects from the Steve Morgan Foundation has been enormous and very much appreciated,” said Wheels For All director, Ian Tierney.

“It has allowed the charity to properly respond to the need for inclusive cycling activities in the North Wales region. 

“Although we have been aware of the need for more cycling opportunities, we have not had the chance , capacity or resource to reach to individuals, groups and partner organisations.

“Previously people from North Wales have travelled to our centres in Cheshire and Merseyside, and this investment has allowed us to deliver consultation events, build partnerships, place equipment in suitable venues and deliver volunteer training packages.

“This is essentially putting in place the appropriate “building blocks” to create a sustainable inclusive programme that becomes a well-received and credible asset for the community.

“From the very beginning Cycling Projects has built a strong partnership with the Steve Morgan Foundation, and the Foundation has understood the needs, aspiration and strategic vision of Cycling Projects and has enabled the charity to improve and expand its operations. 

“The networking opportunities are invaluable and the association with the Foundation has given the charity credibility and more respect for its work across the regions.”

Prior to North Wales Cycling for All, there was no inclusive cycling provision in Flintshire or Denbighshire, but now, working closely with several other agents, Wheels For All has been able to create a well-used service supporting people of all abilities.

Individuals and groups are able to enjoy bespoke cycling sessions, including for people with disabilities, offering the chance to take part in an activity which they can enjoy on their own terms in pleasant and enjoyable settings.

Wheels For All can now be rolled out to offer cycling not only to people living with disabilities, but also those recovering from ill health or leading an inactive lifestyle.

“We want to thank the trustees of the Steve Morgan Foundation for understanding the work of Cycling Projects and listening to our call for the creation of an inclusive cycling offer for the North Wales region,” adds Ian.

“The Foundation has given us the opportunity to be pro-active and deliver schemes in areas where there is no current provision – for various reasons that has not always been possible. 

“The investment gives Cycling Projects the opportunity to bring partners together to establish Wheels For All. 

We hold highly the relationship with the Steve Morgan Foundation and are keen to build on the success with more inclusive cycling opportunities across the region.”

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