Vulnerable families targeted with meal packs

An organisation that uses football to create a safer and stronger local community in Liverpool is delivering meals to vulnerable people struggling through Covid-19.

Paul Hurford and Reg Standish launched TARGET Football CIC in Toxteth in 2010 and they are currently getting a clubhouse built following financial support by Sport England.

By using the power of football they’re able to provide opportunities for people to develop transferrable skills through employment, education and training using this project as a tool to target and enhance potential.

They also increase competitive opportunities for hard-to-reach communities through organised league structures.

Over the last decade Target Football has expanded to the point it works with people aged between two and 62 and runs groups for everybody from toddlers, grassroots, women, girls and veterans.

They have a grass football pitch at Admiral Park and had never been busier until Covid-19 hit.

“Suddenly we had to shut all our sessions,” explained Paul. “Sometimes on a Saturday we have as many as 100 kids and their families down here.

“We’re based on Toxteth next to the police station. It’s the perfect location. Everyone feels safe there. There are no barriers or tensions. We’ve got a real good hub of people.

“We’re getting a clubhouse built and are moving away from just football to becoming more of a recreational club and offering things like a running club.”

Target Football stopped their face-to-face football sessions when Covid-19 hit but recognised there was still a real need for their services in the community.

“We applied to the Steve Morgan Foundation and were awarded £15,025,” said Paul. “It means we can distribute 120 meal packs a week for 12 weeks to vulnerable families and the elderly relatives of the people who come here.

“We’re using our contacts to get the food to the people who need it. That wouldn’t have been possible without the help from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“We’re also using this time to develop our future plans for Target Football.”

Steve Morgan, founder of the Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “TARGET Football has been improving people’s lives for 10 years and it’s great that they’re still able to help the community in a different way.”

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