Visa process has to be streamlined to help Ukrainians

Philanthropist Steve Morgan has said the visa process of bringing displaced Ukrainians to the UK must be streamlined.

He made the call while being interviewed on Friday’s flagship programme BBC’s North West Tonight by presenter Annabel Tiffin.

Earlier this month the founder of housebuilder Redrow pledged to meet the cost of bringing 1,000 Ukrainians to the UK and estimates the gesture will cost millions.


Morgan told viewers: “We’ve got things like children’s clothing, cots, prams, food, baby food. We’ve got the support network in place.

“We’re waiting now on being able to process the visa applications which are a bureaucratic nightmare.”

He said he stepped forward to help after being deeply moved by the humanitarian crisis coming out of Ukraine following the invasion by Russia.

“As soon as we saw the amount of refugees who were pouring into places like Poland, Moldova and other countries we thought we couldn’t let them shoulder all the burden. We in Britain have got to do our bit.

“At the moment it’s impossible. Considering we’re now in month two of the war there are only a handful of refugees who have come across and, by the way, they don’t like being called refugees, they’re displaced people.

“It’s getting them through this bureaucratic process, which is at the moment impossible and has to be streamlined.”


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