The Power of Volunteers

Croxteth Family Matters is a community organisation which provides a number of different services offering much-needed help to local people, including drop-in support, parent and toddler activities, an after-school club and holiday play schemes, training opportunities and a food pantry.

The charity was first set up in the 1970s and has been supported regularly by the Steve Morgan Foundation over the years.

Most recently, the Foundation made an award of £95,000 which Croxteth Family Matters CEO Ken Eaton said would ‘shape the future’ of the charity.

Where Croxteth Family Matters also really comes into its own is via the use of volunteers to help run the activities, some of whom actually progress to formally work for the charity.

We visited Croxteth Family Matters earlier this year, and spoke to some of their fantastic volunteers.

Here, at the end of National Volunteers Week, are some of their words:


I first came to Croxteth Family Matters one day last October to join in the craft group.

We started doing some craft work for Halloween which I really enjoyed and, after that, I started to get involved with everything!

With Karen (Senior Manager Karen Campbell), she is like a godmother to me.

I started coming in more often to help with crafts and in the kitchen, and am so happy about being able to volunteer.

It has given me a lot of confidence.

The charity is so good and helps families so much. 


My children would come to groups run by Croxteth Family Matters that they run when I have been at work.

And I wouldn’t have been able to work if the charity wasn’t here as I don’t have anyone else to look after my children.

I know when I am at work that my children are here, safe, getting fed and doing things 

they enjoy.

I am self-employed now and when I get chance I will always come down and volunteer to see if they need a hand with anything.

That might be tidying, cleaning, helping with the food pantry.

I enjoy the little groups that they run, and the kids can’t wait to get out of school on a Thursday and come along to the craft group run by Rose.

It is an amazing charity, so friendly and helpful, and will do anything for anyone who needs help.


I have two kids, and we all needed to get of the house and get involved in something, so we found out about the groups that are run by Croxteth Family Matters.

When we came, we fell in love with the place.

I soon started to volunteer, spending every day here helping, and then Karen asked me to run the craft club for adults and children.

As a single mum, this charity helped get me back on my feet and has also helped so many other parents in similar positions.

If I meet people who don’t have family or friends around, I tell them about this place and how magical it is.

They will support everyone, and never turn their back.


Croxteth Family Matters means the world to me.

They have support me and my kids when I have suffered with health problems, and when I was in hospital.

I lost my Mum when I was 15, and my Dad last year, and without having my parents I turn to Karen for a lot of things.

I can pop in for a cuddle, a natter, a cup of tea, and just that break that we all sometimes need.

My two kids love it here, and it has helped me so much – without this place my mental health would be nothing like as good as it is now.

My daughter has got special educational needs but everyone here understands here and doesn’t judge her.

It has helped me in such a massive way and we couldn’t live without it.

  • Another feature on Croxteth Family Matters, including an interview with Karen Campbell, will follow in the next few weeks.

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