The Power Of Volunteers

“Being a rider and a volunteer at Clwyd Special Riding Centre has changed my life in so many ways.”

The words of one of those who benefits from the CSRC, nestling in the Clwydian Hills, which improve the lives of people with mental and physical disabilities via equine-based activities.

The charity heavily relies on volunteer support – infact they couldn’t function fully without it – and they are now two-thirds through a three-year grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation funding the role of the Volunteer Coordinator.

“Clwyd Special Riding Centre could not operate without a Volunteer Coordinator, as the numbers are so great,” says CSRC Manager Sorrel Taylor.

“Without the volunteers than we would not be able to operate and, having a staff team of only 10 people, the volunteers are the centre. 

“Therefore, the grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation really does make a huge difference. 

“The Volunteer Coordinator manages a volunteer team of over 150 people and is constantly recruiting new volunteers, coordinating ongoing training, conducting inductions and undertaking all the necessary paperwork.

“The volunteers are recruited, trained, supported and are further developed at CSRC. 

“Their hours allow for this charity to operate seven days per week. 

“With over 200 children and adults with additional needs benefiting from equine therapy in various forms every week, it is a big task. 

“Making a difference is exactly what the Steve Morgan Foundation grant has done. 

“Quite simply, without it, operating as we do would be impossible.”

CSRC offers many different activities for people with additional needs, including riding, carriage driving, equestrian vaulting, equine learning, therapy and hippotherapy, which is physiotherapy whilst on horseback.

One particularly successful feature of the charity has been the vaulting session on a Wednesday evening attended by a group aged between 18 and 24 who have complex needs.

The group of six formed a team which qualified to compete at the RDA National Championships at Hartpury in Gloucestershire.

A group of dedicated young volunteers help with the activity, and the team have now become UK Vaulting Barrel Champions.

“With the dedication of this young team of volunteers, supported by the Volunteer Coordinator, their dream is now a reality,” added Sorrel.

“It is another example of how the funding has ensured that the organisation, the volunteers and the beneficiaries have continued to benefit and we cannot thank the Steve Morgan Foundation enough.

“The biggest thank you – being a charity run by volunteers, the importance of the Volunteer Coordinator is beyond words.

“The three-year funding is secure and allows the charity to focus on other areas.” 

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