The Chance Of Happiness

A charity in Chester which helps children with their learning and communication difficulties has highlighted the impact of a three-year grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The BIRD charity have just come to the end of the funding which enabled them to appoint a part-time Speech and Language Therapist to work with local children, both at home and in their schools.

Helen Schielke, Charity Manager with BIRD, which stands for Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development,explains more.

“The funding gave BIRD a fantastic opportunity to recruit a Speech & Language Therapist to work with children in our local area to provide tailored support to improve their communication skills and the quality of life for the whole family,” says Helen.

“Having the expertise and skills of a Speech & language Therapist has helped parents and family members of the children we work with the knowledge not only to understand their child’s communication difficulties but strategies to improve their everyday communication in their home settings.  

“Parents and families building speech & language therapy interventions into daily life help them to understand why their child has difficulties and what their child is trying to say.

“It also helps them to interact at an appropriate level, encourages them to know how to help their child develop their talking and change the way in which they communicate with them so they understand what is being said.

“Working with families has also created opportunities to forge links with staff in schools to further support the children both in their communication and their ability to access learning.  

“It has allowed children to benefit from therapy and strategies that are consistent  both in their home and school environment. 

“The grant has raised the profile of BIRD’s work in schools which will benefit more children in the future.”

Established in 1982 in Eccleston, BIRD treats children and adults with neurological conditions whichaffect their ability to cope with day to day living.

It is estimated that communication difficulties affect between seven and ten per cent of children, equating to two or three children in every classroom.

The work of BIRD’s Speech & Language Therapist has helped many children who were previously reliant on one-to-one support reduce that level of required support and become better equipped to communicate and engage.

“On behalf of all the team and the families who have benefitted enormously from the grant, we send our sincere thanks,” added Helen.

“Having good communication skills is key to success and happiness in learning, work, relationships and life.  

“Allowing us to improve the communication skills of children at a young age will give the children and their families the chance of happiness and success in life.”

The charity have now secured further grants to help the Speech & Language Therapist continue to work and support more children and parents through speech and language support and the therapy programme which BIRD offers.

Here is a video from BIRD showing some of the impact which their work delivers.

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