The “Best” Of Football Trips

A football team for players of all ages with special needs or disabilities enjoyed an “amazing trip” to take part in their first evern international tournament.

Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC took part in the George Best Invitational Community Cup in Belfast, with thanks in part to a £5,000 donation from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

That grant, and other funding, helped 70 players and coaches and 63 parents and siblings make the trip to the event in Northern Ireland.

“An amazing trip was had by all,” explained John Rice, Chairman of Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC.

“The kick start given to us by the generous donation from the Steve Morgan Foundation was the catalyst we needed to raise the funds required.”

Bootle Bucks started out after John and other volunteers realised there was no football team available for people with special needs or disabilities.

The club has developed to the extent that they now have 80 regular players, and run teams at several different age groups.

“I am sure the parents won’t mind me saying that a few of the kids didn’t really want to carry on with life when they first came along,” John told us previously.

“They felt that they had no friends, and their parents weren’t mixing in the same circles where they could make new friends, and it can be very difficult to bring up a child with special needs.

“We are not miracle workers, but we are able to put sessions on which the kids enjoy, and help them come into the club, meet other people and improve their confidence.

“They can then use the skills and experiences they pick up from football to take into other areas of their lives, and it helps them to improve at school and try out other new things.”

As well as the fantastic experience involved in heading over to Belfast, the different teams also put on some impressive performances during the annual five-a-side competition.

One of the four over-15 teams finished third in their category, while the other three finished as runners-up in their group, just missing out on progressing to the semi finals.

“It was a brilliant few days of football,” added John.

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