A trio of charities helping young people in Northwich and situated within a stone’s throw of each other have been backed to the tune of over £170,000 by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Cheshire Autism Practical Support (ChAPS), Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group (CDSSG) and Northwich Multi-Sports have all received a funding boost from the Foundation founded by Chester-based businessman Steve Morgan.

ChAPS have received a three-year grant of £67, 518 for running costs, Northwich Multi-Sports £45,000 for sessional support staff, and Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Group £60,500 for an educational advocate post and one-off speech and language training.

ChAPS is a charity which helps anyone on the autism spectrum, providing a host of activities and advice, and has previously successfully introduced the Attention Card for people with autism to carry around to alert others to their condition in the event of a difficult situation.

“The children and families that we support are just amazing,” says ChAPS Managing Director Jo Garner.

“This new funding will be really important for us, helping us to work on specifically targeted projects and help us take the charity forward.”

The grant awarded to the CDSSG, a charity supporting over 100 families, will help them build closer relationships with schools attended by pupils with Down’s syndrome.

“The opportunity to have an Education Officer who is going to build the relationship between families and schools, and help the young people become more integrated into the school day, is absolutely brilliant for us,” says CDSSG CEO Julie Duff.

The investment made into Northwich Multisports will fund staff to put on a range of activities for young people with disabilities to enjoy with great enthusiasm on Saturdays, for 50 weeks of the year.

“We are very appreciative that the Steve Morgan Foundation support means we are able to carry on building up these young people who otherwise might be completely socially isolated,” says Business Manager Helen Mault.

Jane Harris, Regional Grants Director with the Steve Morgan Foundation, adds: “We feel in a very privileged position to work with – and support – so many wonderful charities, and these three in Northwich provide an invaluable service to so many young people and their families.

“It is a nice co-incidence that they are situated so close to each other, and we hope that this new funding provides the charities with even more opportunity to positively change the lives of children from the local area.”

*Any other charities or community groups which may be eligible to apply for funding is invited to check out the criteria elsewhere on our website.