Student Receives Enable Grant

A university student from Runcorn with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy has seen his life improved both for his studies and socially thanks to an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Ryan, aged 20, is studying for a BSc in Computer Games Development at the University of Chester, living there during term time and then at home with his mum and four-year-old brother in Runcorn for the rest of the year.

Ryan is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, primarily affecting his lower limbs, but has always remained independent in his daily living.

However, he did suffer from muscle fatigue when propelling his NHS wheelchair for any great distance, and it also provided difficulties with being transported by car when his grandparents visit during term time for shopping trips, and also when visiting their house during his time back in Runcorn.

“Ryan is also an active young man who likes to participate in several University activities, going out socially and playing wheelchair basketball,” says Jane Harris, Director of Funding with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“Due to the weight and lack of manoeuvrability of his previous wheelchair, he found it difficult to self-propel over the uneven pathways to the campus and when on nights out in Chester, which has many cobbled roadways and paths.

“He did use a Batec electric attachment when doing his shopping, travelling longer distances, or to keep up with friends when going out for the day, but that was not practical for use indoors, around the campus or when socialising.

“Ryan was keen to feel more confident socially and be able to travel around the campus more easily.

“The provision of a lightweight, more manoeuvrable and comfortable chair helps him to achieve this.

“Our Enable grant is for a GTM Endeavour Wheelchair including loopwheels, which adds suspension to make Ryan more comfortable and reduce pain, especially over the uneven surfaces within the campus and the City.

“He will also be able to attach the Batec to his new chair for longer journeys.”

The Steve Morgan Foundation has provided an Enable grant of £4,181 towards Ryan’s wheelchair.

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