A Strong Community Connection

The Steve Morgan Foundation has awarded a three-year grant to help a charity in Orrell Park create a strong sense of togetherness in the local community.

A grant of £67,874 has been awarded to Orrell Park and District Community Association to help with their core costs, as they continue to aim to serve principally elderly and lonely people, but also families, through a series of community events.

Established in 1974 by local residents to provide health, education, leisure and promote activities for the benefit of the community, funds were raised to help the Association purchase a building, and so Orrell Park Community Centre was born.

The Steve Morgan Foundation grant will help the Centre to provide existing services, including social events, volunteering opportunities, a space for residents to meet together, learning and well-being sessions whilst also working towards sustainability.

This helps to build community connections, friendship groups and a sense of neighbourhood. The Centre has a committed team of volunteers who promote and support the centre and its activities, helping to ensure local residents are up to date with opportunities and building neighbourhood networks.

Sue a volunteer at the centre welcomed the funding as: “Great news.”

She continued:  “Being involved in my community centre has helped me to feel part of things in my area and it’s great to know I’m making a positive difference to my community.”

Ruth Nuttall, Treasurer, added:  “I would like to thank everyone connected with the Steve Morgan Foundation for supporting our Community Centre.

“At this challenging time, it is reassuring to know that our dedicated staff can continue to run this amazing Centre that offers so much to so many in our Community.

“The grant that has been awarded will not only allow current provision to continue but make new things possible.  We remain committed to our centre and our community.”

The centre opens for seven days a week, and examples of some of the activities provided include a reading group, a Spanish language class, gentle exercise, creative writing, health awareness, jewellery crafts, cake decorating, Tai Chi, yoga and music.

It is estimated that a total of 1,000 people make use of the Centre every year, mainly elderly but also including a sizeable amount of young people as well.

Gosia McKane, Development & Projects Manager with the Steve Morgan Foundation, visited the centre to officially hand over the cheque.

Gosia said: “The Trustees recognised the fantastic resource that the Orrell Park and District Community Centre is in the local area.

“The wide range of inclusive activities provided to the local community, high number of actively-involved volunteers and strong connection with the local people mean that this is a charity that is changing lives and making a difference.”

Included on the photograph with Gosia are Centre Manager Liz McCormac, Projects Officer Margi Corcoran, Councillor Ann O’Byrne, Chair John Manwell and Councillor Cheryl Didsbury.


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