Steve To Attend Ykids New Opening In Bootle

Steve Morgan is to attend the official opening of the new Ykids Centre in Bootle this Thursday, highlighting the excellent work of a charity which has been regularly supported by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The Foundation has provided a grant of £33,000 towards the capital funding required for Ykids new facility, previously the former Orrell Library, which will allow the charity more scope for bigger and better projects for their young people, as well as providing ample space for their headquarters and offices. This grant match funds the £33,000 awarded to Venus Charity whose Star Centre is based in the other half of the building.

This latest grant is the latest in a long line of funding now totalling over £100,000 provided to Ykids by the Steve Morgan Foundation, including grants for running costs, for their now award-winning NorthPerk Café and a three-year grant for an Operations Manager.

The creativity and drive shown by Ykids in the services it provides to young people was recognised when they were runners-up in the Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Awards back in 2010, for which they received £5,000.

Ykids, is a charity which aims to improve life chances for vulnerable children from disaffected homes in the Bootle and South Sefton areas, and to improve their family life.

The services they provide are both high in numbers and high in variety, including youth and childrens’ projects, enterprise, creative arts, educational support, volunteering and leadership opportunities for young people.

Ykids works with children aged between eight and 18 and their families by offering positive role models and building self-esteem, with the regular groups having been attended by hundreds of children since their inception.

Ykids also plays a prominent role in the local community by delivering a variety of social action projects for young people including community clean-ups, fitness events, mural paintings and street play projects, and has a community garden growing fresh produce which engages members to volunteer and grow their own food.

The charity, initially set up in 1998 before becoming registered six years later, is also active in local schools in delivering assemblies, self-esteem workshops, playground activities and alternative education projects.

Ykids CEO Claire Morgans says:  “We are indebted to Steve and his team for the many years of support.

“Ykids was in its infancy when the Steve Morgan Foundation first supported us and they have helped us to go from strength to strength.

“This new building is a huge milestone and we are so excited that Steve can be there with us at the launch and see the legacy of his support and its impact on young people.”

Ykids will share their new building, the former Orrell Library, with the Venus charity, which has also worked in Bootle for the last ten years, empowering, promoting and supporting women to develop their potential and achieve their goals.

Steve will be joined by Claire Simmo, Radio City DJ and Ykids ambassador, and Millie, one of Ykids’ members, in cutting the ribbon to mark the new facility’s official launch.




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