Sport for All at Greenbank Academy

The Steve Morgan Foundation has officially handed over a grant of £18,000 to help more people enjoy a taste of sport at Greenbank Sports Academy.

The Liverpool-based sports club runs weekly power hockey and power football sessions, offering members the chance to enjoy some competitive high speed and high excitement team sport which would otherwise be impossible.

The grant has covered the cost of manufacturing four bespoke powered wheelchairs which can be used in wheelchair Power Hockey and Power Football, both of which are played at the club.

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Trustees Jonathan Masters and Ashley Lewis both visited Greenbank during their application process.

“Many of the powered chairs used by the club were becoming obselete because of the non-availability of replacement parts,” said Jonathan.

“Additionally, there was a waiting list of four committed individuals, who would very much like to participate but were unable to do so because there were insufficient chairs and those that do exist are unsuited to their particular circumstances.

“Last year, Sport England provided funding for four powered wheelchairs and more recently the Variety Club had provided funding for a further five chairs.

“None of these chairs suited the disabilities of those on the waiting list.

“So we were happy to recommend this grant be made to allow those four severely disabled people to be able to compete.”

Twenty players aged from seven to 52 compete on a regular basis at Greenbank, travelling from across Merseyside and North Wales, while over 100 school pupils benefit each week from bespoke sessions.

All members are severely disabled, with Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy the predominant conditions.

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