Smiley Bus To Have Great Impact

The Steve Morgan Foundation has awarded a Smiley Bus to Archers Brook SEMH Residential School in Ellesmere Port.

The bus, number 70 in the fleet of the Foundation’s Smiley Buses, is set to have a “great impact” on the life of the school which aims to give pupils the opportunities to enjoy experiences which may not normally be available to them outside school life.

The school offers quality support for children and young people with a range of complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, often linked with medical conditions such as ADHD or communication needs associated with ASD.

“The charity has been very successful in raising funds for playgrounds to be modernised and revamped, an outdoor classroom, football kits, equipment for the gym, and trips to PGL and other places,” says School Business Manager June Sedgwick.

“This year we had our biggest success to date with a successful application for a Smiley Bus from the Steve Morgan Foundation”.

“It is fantastic and will be so well received.

“Our current school minibus is on its ‘last legs’ and had been costing the school money though the school has had a great deal of use out of it, and the pupils had pleasure with their many trips even venturing abroad”.

“This new Smiley Bus will have a great impact and enable the school to carry on giving access to Enrichment activities,  PSD and activities including canoeing, cycling, mountain walking and more”.

“It will help in the evening when Residence wish to take the pupils, especially in the summer when they go outdoor swimming, walking, crabbing and various other outdoor excursions”.

“We just want to say a big thank you, for the support and the Smiley Bus to the Steve Morgan Foundation”.

“The staff, pupils, governors and trustees really appreciate this kind donation.”

These activities made possible by the Smiley Bus will help the school in pursuit of the aims for pupils at Archers Brook, which are as follows:    

  • Feel good about themselves
  • Feel secure
  • Better understand and express their emotions
  • Understand the feelings of others and to empathise with them appropriately
  • Negotiate and compromise
  • Becomes increasingly independent in meeting their personal needs
  • Acknowledge own successes and disappointments and those of others
  • Respect the culture and beliefs of others
  • Appreciate the world around them and care for their environment

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