SMF makes £11m of new awards in three weeks

A £20m fund being run by the Steve Morgan Foundation has made £11m of awards to charities struggling with Covid-19 in just three weeks.

The Community Match Challenge Fund, which consists of £10m from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and £10m in match-funding by Steve Morgan, was launched in September and has already committed money to more than 50 charities.

Mr Morgan said the awards would help keep charities open during the pandemic so they could continue their life-changing work with some of the most vulnerable people in society.

“To commit £11m in three weeks is a phenomenal effort,” he said. “That’s around £500k a day so to agree that level of funding is the result of a huge team effort by the DCMS and the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“Time is of the essence for a lot of the charities we’re supporting which is why payment of the grants will take place as soon as possible.

“Covid-19 has created a mental health timebomb but we also know there’s a growing domestic violence problem so we can’t afford to delay.”

The charities cover a range of issues including domestic violence, homelessness, cancer support, social isolation and bereavement.

The £10m from the DCMS comes from a new £85m Community Match Challenge Fund and is part of the Government’s £750m support package for charities. 

The £20m pot being administered by the Steve Morgan Foundation will be split between around 100 smaller North West-based charities and larger charities including Maggie’s; JDRF; and The Reader.

Mr Morgan said: “It’s going to make a massive difference and in the coming weeks we’ll be giving out more details about the charities that are benefiting.”

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