Sleeping Easy

A man from Gwynedd is finally able to enjoy a good night’s sleep thanks to an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation for an Electric Profiling Double Bed.

Roger, aged 65, has an extensive history of respiratory problems which affect his ability to complete normal day-to-day activities, and is only able to move for short distances due to breathlessness.

He also finds lying flat, or getting in and out of bed, extremely difficult, and often had to sleep upright in a chair due to being unable to breathe as a result of congestion in his lungs.

This was impacted upon both he and his wife’s quality of sleep, as Roger needed her assistance to move from the bed to the chair.

A double profiling bed means Roger can now transfer in and out of bed independently, and change position during the night independently, supporting his respiratory needs and greatly improving his mood and quality of life.

Roger says:  “Thank you so much – I thought I would never sleep in comfort again. 

“I had to spend the best part of two years sleeping on a chair to make sure I did not slip down on my back and wake suddenly, unable to breath.

“You have given my wife and I a quality of life which I thought would never happen.” 

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