Silver Bullet Just The Job For Troy

A 12-year-old boy from Blaenau Ffestiniog in Wales is benefitting from a new Tomcat ‘Silver Bullet’ trike thanks to an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Troy suffers from Global Developmental Delay, learning difficulties, Dyspraxia and a Diaphragmatic hernia, all of which lead to challenges with his balance, core stability and proprioception.  He is unable to ride a standard bike and has lost confidence and become disheartened as a result.

“Due to his medical condition, it is important for Troy to improve his fitness and develop his motor skills,” says Karen Charles, Enable Funding Officer with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“Being able to go out cycling with his friends would help with these aims, but he had been unable to take part in this activity due to not being able to ride a standard bike.

“The Tomcat ‘Silver Bullet’ is a low-sitting ‘roadster-style’ trike, which not only allows Troy to cycle and socialise with his friends – it is also an attractive and ‘cool’ design for a 12-year-old boy.

“Troy is now able to enjoy the social pastimes of boys of his age which he has previously not been able to do, and the ability to interact with his peer group, and share meaningful leisure time with family and friends, will improve his fitness, self-esteem and confidence in social situations.

“This trike also has the capability to be able to see him through his teenage years and all the way through to adulthood.”

An Enable grant of £3,295 was awarded to Troy for the purchase of the ‘Silver Bullet’.

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