Sensory Room Open At St Christopher’s

The new sensory room at St Christopher’s School in Wrexham is up and running with the help of a £30,000 grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

As outlined in this previous article (click here to view), the Foundation had previously supported St Christopher’s with a minibus and hydrotherapy pool, to the benefit of the pupils aged between seven and 19, who have a wide variety of additional learning needs.

The previous sensory room was 15 years old and in need of a major update, which has been made possible by this new grant.

The room is used mainly by children with physical disabilities, health needs, visual impairment or hearing impairment.

It is the one area of their lives where they can go in and enjoy complete control of what is going on, including features such as voice activation and Eye Gaze systems.

The official opening took place in September, with a visit from Steve Morgan Foundation trustee Rhiannon Walker.

Foundation Founder and Chairman Steve Morgan and wife Sally had previously visited the school as part of the application process.

“It was Sally’s first visit to St Christopher’s, but my fourth, and, as always, the school was incredibly impressive given the nature of the disabilities of many of the pupils,” said Steve.

“It was staggering how cheerful everybody was.

“We had a look at the Hydrotherapy Pool which the Foundation had funded and built for the school six years previously, which had been impeccably maintained despite the heavy usage.

“Without a shadow of a doubt this is a school which wastes nothing, and we had no hesitation in recommending the grant of £30,000 for the room which would be widely used and make a huge difference to the children’s lives.

“It was a real pleasure and uplifting experience for us to visit St Christopher’s.”




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