A Safe Haven For Jessica

The Steve Morgan Foundation has combined with Radio City’s Cash for Kids campaign to help a girl with a rare neurological condition enjoy a ‘safe haven’ in her garden.

Jessica, aged 11 and from Kirkby, suffers from Moebius Syndrome, which carries a range of symptoms including having no hearing, very little eyesight and an unsafe swallow, so is prone to choking. She also has no facial movements, meaning that mum Sarah has – heartbreakingly – never seen her smile.

Jessica also suffers from epilepsy, and, after contracting pneumonia three years ago, now also has chronic lung disease and will require oxygen for life.

Although mobile, Jessica is unsteady on her feet and prone to falling; she also has learning difficulties and no concept of danger, meaning Sarah has to be vigilant at all times to maintain her safety.

“Jessica requires a lot of equipment during her day-to-day life, such as an oxygen machine, suction machine and feeding pump, so there isn’t much room within their bungalow for her to rest and relax,” says Karen Charles, Enable Funding Officer with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“As she is unable to attend any clubs or activities due to not being able to ensure her safety, Jessica was in desperate need of some space to play.

“Sarah came up with the idea of creating a safe haven in the garden, by creating a sensory room which, with help from Radio City’s Cash for Kids, we have been able to provide.

“Having access to a wide range of sensory equipment, such as fibre optic ceiling, liquid floor tiles, lighting, bubble tubes, mirrors, soft play cushions and interactive rainbow lights, gives Jessica the stimulation and relaxation that she needs, all within a safe environment.”

Safe Haven for Jessica

A £2,140 grant for the shed and electrical installation work came from Radio City’s Cash for Kids from funds raised from their Ambassador Ball.

The Steve Morgan Foundation provided an Enable grant of £6,025 for the sensory equipment.

“I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing help from the Steve Morgan Foundation,” says Sarah.

“Jessica loves the room and has gone from being quite moody and isolated to laughing and being so happy and relaxed.

“This room has helped me get Jessica back.  Without it we would still be struggling but now we get to be Mummy and Daughter again.”



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