Raising The Roof For Liverpool Lighthouse

The Steve Morgan Foundation has stepped in to help a Liverpool charity complete vital improvement works to allow it to continue helping people within the local community.

Liverpool Lighthouse is situated in a former Gaumont Cinema building in Anfield, near Liverpool’s football stadium, and carries out different initiatives focusing on helping disadvantaged families and underprivileged members of the community.

One initiative, The Youth Connect project, offers a range of activities for eight to 19-year-olds and is a year into a three-year grant of £58,500 from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Almost 3,000 young people have taken advantage of this award-winning project including approximately 350 attending on a regular basis.

In recent times, this crucial 20-year-old charity had embarked on a Raise the Roof project,  fundraising for much-needed work to remove and replace the roof of their main building.

The roof was made of low-grade asbestos and had deteriorated over the years, worsened by storm damage, which resulted in leaks causing substantial damage to the building.

Approximately £350,000 was raised for the refurbishment through various partners, trusts and foundations, a sign of the high regard with which the charity is held, but, with the work well underway,  severe corrosion was discovered with the steel trusses holding up the roof structure.

These unexpected additional costs amounted to £80,000, for which Liverpool Lighthouse managed to raise an additional £49,000.

Trustees from the Steve Morgan Foundation agreed to make a further grant of £20,000 from the outstanding shortfall, hopefully helping to prevent any additional delay to the project which could increase the cost even more.

Trustee Jonathan Masters had recommended the grant be approved, “in recognition of the extremely good work being undertaken by the Liverpool Lighthouse”.

Alfie Levene, Senior Manager of the Liverpool Lighthouse, says the charity is very grateful for the additional support from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Alfie added:  “The previous funding we received from Steve Morgan Foundation for our Youth Connect Hub has helped our charity support many young people, some who have been excluded from school, raising awareness of the impact of their behaviour on other people and improving their levels of concentration and developing new skills.

“The funding had also helped Youth Connect to re-introduce its detached street work, allowing staff to get out and about and engage with the young people in their own environment. 

“With the funding received  from Steve Morgan Foundation we are able to reach many more vulnerable young people, and just want to say thank you, from all of us here at Liverpool Lighthouse.” 

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