Providing A Springboard

A vital Merseyside charity has been able to feed over 30,000 people each month with the help of a grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

A two-year grant of £45,906 was put towards the salary of a Development Officer for the PLS Food Foundation, which aims to tackle food poverty with fresh products delivered to people who need it most.

This is an addition to one of the Smiley Freezer Vans donated by the Foundation to help PLS transfer and deliver their food.

“We cannot thank the Steve Morgan Foundation enough for the work that they have done,” said Paul Martin, Chairman of the PLS Food Foundation.

“The donation of the vehicle and the facilitation of the member of staff directly helped to feed in excess of 30,000 people every month. 

“Our beneficiaries are further and wider than ever before, with Alder Hey hospital, Citron Close Community Centre and the L6 Centre to name but a few. 

“As a charity, we would not be functioning without this funding, which has provided us with a springboard to make even more social impact in some of the most desperate times and circumstances that people face.

“As food poverty continues to wage war on the financially worse end of society, we have found that food prices have done the opposite, and there is a distinct worsening of the access to affordable food. 

“Sadly, and heartbreakingly, we now have a waiting list for our service. 

“This is a list of organisations whose beneficiaries cannot afford to feed themselves.”

The work of the PLS Food Foundation makes a difference for so many different service users.

On a Monday, food items are provided to local schools to enable children to enjoy a hot meal, and on Tuesdays, the L6 Centre invites people into the building to choose from the range of products which PLS offers.

The charity visits Citron Close Community Centre in Walton on Wednesdays, giving families and local residents the chance to take huge amounts of fresh food which otherwise they may not be able to afford.

Thursdays are spent at Ronald McDonald House, providing food for families which takes away one headache as they are undergoing the traumatic experience of having a child in hospital.

On Fridays, the charity attends St John the Evangelist Church, where elderly people in the community, many suffering with fuel poverty issues, are given enough food items to last them the weekend and beyond.

‘I don’t know where to start,’ is one of the pieces of feedback that the charity has received.

‘When your van comes around the corner it is a beacon of joy to so many of our community whose lives are ruined by poverty. 

‘To think that people can come and offer perfectly good food to families with kids who otherwise would not eat has restored my faith in society. 

‘I have no doubt that there are people that could literally not live without you.’

In turn, PLS has thanked the Steve Morgan Foundation for their support in helping them continue to help others.

“That generosity is keeping people alive,” added Paul.

“Every day we hear stories of people dying because of hunger and destitution. 

“This service, as well as so many others that you have funded, is tackling these issues head-on. 

“Having studied other cases online, the Steve Morgan Foundation has managed to get into the heart of communities. 

“Rather than simply offering grants for hypothetical pieces of work and feasibility studies, their funds are going to front-line services that spend their lives making a huge impact.”

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