Power To The People!

More children and adults will get the chance to have a go at wheelchair Power Hockey or Power Football thanks to a donation to Greenbank Sports Academy from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The Liverpool-based sports clubs runs weekly power hockey and power football sessions, offering members the chance to enjoy some competitive high speed and high excitement team sport which would otherwise be impossible.

The Steve Morgan Foundation has now donated £18,000 to cover the cost of four bespoke specialist electric wheelchairs, also made by Greenbank, to pass on to members who are waiting for suitable equipment to be able to play.

“The wheelchairs that we will be able to produce thanks to the funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation will allow our members to play both Power Hockey and Power Football,” says club manager Pete Wyman.

“The chairs are made specially and have to be suitable for the sport – when people sit in them for the first time they get a bit startled when they first press the lever to go forwards!

“They are similar to a Go-Kart with the speed and the acceleration and how quickly they can get going.

“The wheelchairs offer a great chance for young people and adults to get involved in some really competitive team sport, often for the first time.

“They may have been playing sedentary games with not too much movement involved but Power Hockey and Power Football are completely different.

“There is that movement involved and both sports are very competitive.

“In Power Hockey there is that contact element as well, and you can tackle your opponent.

“You can knock into the wheelchairs from the side – like a bumper car – to try and win the ball, and it gives those who are playing a really competitive edge.”

In Power Football, Greenbank play in a North Western league as well as other fixtures while in Power Hockey – which they are hoping one day will become an Olympic sport – they compete in three schools tournaments during the year.

The fact that Greenbank can make the chairs bespoke means that they can adapt them to members’ needs, whilst also ensuring a flexibility that means each chair can be used by several in the team.

The latest versions of the wheelchairs also allow Power Hockey players to shoot the ball at the press of a button.

“We have a lad called Mark who needed some foot controls so with this funding we will be able to make a chair which allows him to participate,” adds Pete.

“The chair will also have hand controls as well so it can be used by other players in the team but it is fair to say that without the Steve Morgan Foundation, Mark would not be able to take part.”

We wish all the Greenbank teams all the best in their activities and look forward to seeing the new wheelchairs in action!



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