One in a Million: Sarah Pettigrew

One in a Million: Sarah Pettigrew

Sarah Pettigrew is one in a million.  With a new baby, she was struggling with isolation during lockdown and contacted the charity Listening Ear for help.  

She’s one of the million people to benefit from the Steve Morgan Foundation Covid-19 Emergency Fund since it was launched in March 2020.  Here’s her story:

Sarah Pettigrew is 27 and lives in Merseyside. 

She said: “I started lockdown just three months after having had a baby.  I was doing my best in the circumstances but feeling anxious about things. 

“My health visitor noticed that I scored high on a post-natal depression questionnaire, and I was eventually referred to Listening Ear.”  

Listening Ear is a counselling service based in Halewood, but the Covid-19 pandemic meant it had to move to a phone and video link service.  

An award of £12,000 from the Steve Morgan Foundation has allowed it to continue to take referrals and offer counselling to more people. 

Listening Ear has been providing a range of emotional and psychological therapies for more than two decades. Today the charity gets over 2,000 referrals seeking support for children, young people and adults a year.

“Over a period of six weeks I had weekly sessions with Clare, and slowly my self-confidence grew,” explained Sarah. 

“I began to see that I was doing well with my baby, and could take control of decisions about myself. Just by being able to talk to Clare I found I then had the strength to open up to a friend, too.”

Sarah has been encouraged to re-connect with friends and to discuss her worries with them, and to focus on her own needs and those of her baby.  

She now practices self-care and, with the lifting of lockdown restrictions, she has been able to reconnect with her parents again.

“Listening Ear made things a million times better for me by helping me understand my own strengths and realising that there is support for me out there,” she said.

“It’s great that the Steve Morgan Foundation has been able to help Listening Ear offer me this support.” 

Philanthropist and businessman Steve Morgan announced in March he would be giving up to £1m a week to charities in Merseyside, North Wales and Cheshire faced with a cashflow crisis as a result of Covid-19.  In the first eight weeks the Covid-19 Emergency Fund has made more than 400 awards.

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