‘On The Right Road’

Seventeen-year-old Dimitri from Mold is hoping to be better prepared for the day he leaves school with the help of the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Dimitri has not only benefitted from a new Off Roadster wheelchair to help him get out and about, but he has also received a new PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display) system to improve his communication.

Dimitri suffers from Angelman Syndrome, a genetic disorder which affects the nervous system and causes severe physical and intellectual disability.

He also endures difficulties sleeping, a history of epilepsy and spinal injuries and is unable to speak.

The grant of £3,781 from the Steve Morgan Foundation’s Enable programme has purchased the wheelchair which means he can enjoy more day trips, as well as the communication system, which he can now have at home as well as using at school with his therapist.

“Dimitri’s previous wheelchair wasn’t suitable for uneven surfaces and countryside terrain, which meant he was unable to go on day trips with organisations like the Daffodils Charity,” says Jane Harris, Administrator with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“This new chair will give him and his family greater flexibility in the places they can visit.

“He uses the PODD communication system at school, where his speech therapist has said he is making good progress.

“Having access to the software at home will be beneficial to continuing to develop his skills, and help his preparation for when he moves on from school.”

Dimitri’s mum Emma is delighted with the new equipment.

She says:  “The new wheelchair means we have been able to get out about far more, including in the snow, which we have had too much of this year!

“We have been able to enjoy visits to Alyn Waters and Loggerheads Country Parks, places which we were unable to access with his previous wheelchair.

“Dimitri is also using the PODD book to communicate, and while he is still learning how to fully use it, we are on the right road and that sort of communication is vital to us.

“We really appreciate the funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation, which has made such an impact in helping improve Dimitri’s quality of life.”



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