New Stroller For Ella

A two-year-old girl from Southport has received an Enable grant for a new Buggy Stroller allowing her to continue to go on trips with her family.

Ella, who has two older sisters, has been diagnosed with Autism and has sensory needs and delayed global development, as well as delayed motor skills.

She also has limited awareness of safety as a result of those needs.

“Ella has hypermobile joints, so her legs get very tired, and due to her sensory needs, she will often drop to the floor and refuse to move,” says Enable Funding Officer Karen Charles.

“In those situations Mum is unable to carry her.

“Ella needs to use a buggy but has outgrown a standard sized buggy, and the provision of a special needs buggy will enable her to be able to continue to access the community with her family.”

An Enable grant of just under £300 means that Ella has now received a new Buggy Stroller to the benefit of the whole family.

“The Stroller is lovely and is so big that it will last years – it is perfect for Ella,” said her Mum.

“I just want to thank the Steve Morgan Foundation, it means so much to us.”


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