New Lease Of Life For Robert

A man from Southport who became a paraplegic after a serious accident says he has received a “new lease of life” thanks to an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Robert, aged 64, who has also been diagnosed with moderate haemophilia A, has received a grant of £3,795 for a Batec Hybrid Handcycle, having previously started to suffer muscle wastage in his arms due to lack of regular use.

An electric attachment on his wheelchair had helped with his mobility, but, due to his haemophilia, had been suffering an increase of bleeds into his elbow joints.

These are very painful and debilitating and, over time, cause irreparable damage to the joints. 

With the subsequent difficulties transferring in and out of his car, Robert was only using his vehicle when absolutely necessary and was going out less and less, taking a toll on his mental wellbeing.  

The new Handcycle, which attaches to the self-propelled wheelchair, allows Robert to exercise his upper body and build muscle which will, in turn, help to prevent further bleeds.

If he gets tired, or does feel pain in any of his joints, the hybrid electric can take over and allow him to finish his journey without causing further damage from over-exercising.

“The Batec Hybrid Handcycle has given me the opportunity to get some much-needed exercise, to strengthen my weakening joints without the risk of causing further damage,” Robert explains.

“Apart from being able to get out and enjoy some much-needed exercise, it has also lifted my spirits considerably.

“I can already feel the benefit and am hoping to see a huge improvement in both my strength and stamina over the next six months, which will help me in all aspects of my life.

“I cannot thank the Steve Morgan Foundation enough for the way they dealt with my application.

“I have always been a proud person, and wouldn’t normally look to a charity for help, believing that there are many more deserving people out there.

“But the positive and helpful way in which my application was dealt with will be an encouragement to like-minded people who would otherwise struggle, or go without.

“Sometimes accepting help in itself can be a positive influence on a person’s outlook, and the Foundation has given me, and many others, a new lease of life.”

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