MultiSports For All!

Visitors to Northwich Multisports Club on a Saturday morning, “leave with the lightest heart ever” after seeing so many disabled youngsters enjoying a range of fun activities.

That is the view of recently appointed Business Manager Helen Mault, who is relishing helping the charity continue offering such a vital service to the people of Northwich.

Northwich Multisports has now been running for over a decade, and provides a host of different activities for the young people to enjoy.

“Multisports is an opportunity for everybody to enjoy activities, have fun and make friends without barriers,” says Helen.

“People who attend have a disability, but in Multisports we only focus on the children’s ability.

“Everything and anything is possible, and they can explore their abilities through fun, enjoyment and in a safe and nurturing environment.”

The range of activities is certainly extremely varied.

From arts and crafts to dance, or circus skills to sports and kayaking.

The one constant, every week, is fun!

“Northwich Multisports is such a fun and engaging and inclusive place to be,” Helen explains.

“Anyone who visits leaves with the lightest heart ever.

“It is so wonderful, because it enables people to do things.

“It is loud, and it’s fun, and it’s constantly busy, because all of the young people are engaged in something and are learning to have fun.

“The way we look at it is to find activities that the children have the ability to do, rather than focus on the activities that they can’t.”

And it isn’t just the young people who benefit from the fantastic programme of activities put on by Northwich Multisports.

It can also provide valuable respite for parents who are extremely appreciative of the service the charity provides.

“The connection with our parents is really strong and they are really supportive,” says Helen.

“They know they can trust us and leave their children with us and that might give them quality time to spend with other siblings.

“It gives parents the chance to spend their Saturdays how they want to spend it and maybe do things that they otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to do.

“So it isn’t just about the young people, it is the whole family package, and parents have peace of mind that we are providing a really safe environment for their children to flourish.”

The Steve Morgan Foundation is providing £45,000 over a three-year period to help with sessional support staff, whose roles are crucial in catering for the needs of those taking part in the activities.

“The staff and volunteers are fantastic in using their skills and knowledge of the young people and what they like and dislike,” adds Helen.

“They play to their strengths by putting on activities which are fun and engaging.

“The young people who attend Northwich Multisports have a wide range of abilities, and we look to find ways to support all disabilities.

“For them to have the continuity and consistency with our staff is vitally important.

“We are different to a lot of clubs in that we are open for 50 weeks of the year, and can provide that constant, because for young people with disabilities, change can really affect them.

“And so, with that, our staff and the club are vital in the young people’s lives, so the young people know what to expect and stay engaged.

“We rely on a lot of volunteers, and even people who have been to Northwich Multisports, and then come back to help afterwards.

“The support of all our staff is so valuable, and we have to say a big thank you to the Steve Morgan Foundation for this funding.

“Without that, we might not be able to put on as many sessions as we do, and keep that continuity in what has become a way of life for so many young people.

“We are very appreciative that the Steve Morgan Foundation support means we are able to carry on building up these young people who otherwise might be completely socially isolated.

“Thanks to Northwich Multisports they can form friendship groups which can last a lifetime, and create a club which is such a vibrant part of the local community.”

And that is very much the view of Northwich Multisports Interim Chair Jo Lakeland, who knows at first hand the immense value which the charity can bring.

“As a parent of a child who sees Multisports as his highlight of the week, where he can mix with other children who also have some form of disability, it is both my pleasure and my duty to help maintain the ethos of the club and help build it for more children to benefit in the future,” adds Jo.


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