A Mother’s Pride

A mother who is suffering from a rare spinal disorder is able to easier care for her baby son with thanks to an Enable grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Maxine, aged 31, is a first time mother from Rhyl who suffers from Syringomyelia, a cyst on the spinal cord which leads to compression of the spinal cord, and means she is confined to a wheelchair.

She is able to stand and transfer out of her wheelchair, and self-propel for short distances, but suffers pain in her shoulders and spine and has limited strength when she has to reach and over-extend.

Maxine, who also suffers from epilepsy, is a first-time mother, and lives with her husband and their seven-month-old baby boy.

Her condition makes motherhood even more of a challenge, and her son was previously sleeping in a crib attached to her bed so she could safely lift him in and out.  However, as a growing baby, this soon became too small.

That arrangement was only suitable until he was six months old, after which he required either a bigger cot or bed with higher cot sides, which Maxine would be unable to access.

“There is a Theraposture Lotte cot bed which provides a safe solution for Maxine and her son,” explains Jane Harris, Director of Funding at the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“It is specifically designed for a parent or carer who is a wheelchair user and is height adjustable, with clear access under the bed to allow for wheelchair positioning.

“The bed can be converted to a standard cot bed once Maxine’s son is able to access it himself and will then be suitable until he is six-years-old.

“The Lotte bed allows Maxine to safely be involved in this important element of her son’s daily routine, which is extremely important to her in fulfilling her role as a mother.”

The bed was not available from the relevant authorities as it was not relating to Maxine’s own condition or specific to the needs of her son, and the Steve Morgan Foundation has made an Enable grant of £3,800 towards the cost.

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