Morgan says Government must match British public’s response to Ukraine crisis

Philanthropist Steve Morgan has called on the British Government to match the response of the British public to the Ukraine crisis and start letting more refugees into the country.

Last week the founder of housebuilder Redrow pledged to meet the cost of bringing 1,000 Ukrainian refugees to the UK and he was interviewed this morning by Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast.

Explaining his decision to get involved he said: “Like a lot of people I just felt very frustrated that, in this country in the UK, we’re not doing enough for the refugees.

“We can’t let Poland or any other neighbouring country just have the burden. We have to do something here. It’s really, really important.

“I feel almost ashamed that Britain is not doing its bit for the refugees and that’s probably what inspired me.”

The founder of the Steve Morgan Foundation said he had been ‘moved to tears’ by the humanitarian crisis coming out of Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

“We are seeing the suffering coming out of Ukraine,” he told viewers. “I’m been an avid watcher of BBC News over the last few weeks. I feel frustrated. As the Steve Morgan Foundation did during Covid-19, this is a call to help. We’re here to help, we have deep pockets and we want to do our bit.

“What that looks like we’re putting together at the moment but we’re still waiting for the Government to make a decision on what happens with these visas.

“When you’re fleeing you home, looking after your safety and looking after young children, you don’t think about visas. We need to get them over here and we need to look after them.”

Mr Morgan said he’s been in discussions about chartering planes to bring refugees over to the UK.

“Over the weekend I was speaking to someone in Gdańsk in Poland. It’s a long way from the fighting but there are 200,000 people there looking for refuge. So many of them are looking to come to friends and relatives in Britain and yet we have this wall of bureaucracy around the British Isles. We need this to be shifted. The Government needs to do something.”

One of Mr Morgan’s daughters has offered to give a home to a refugee family and he praised the response of the British public.

“I’m sure it will come but it’s just incredibly slow,” he said. “I say ‘well done’ to everybody who wants to help. The problem is putting it all together.

“There are a lot of good people who want to do a lot of good things but until we know how we can get people in it’s very difficult to put it together.

“The Government made an announcement over the weekend about £350 a month for sponsoring a refugee. Fine, but you can’t do that unless you can’t get them in. It’s all about getting them in.

“That’s the frustration. Once we know that we can bring people in it’s then that we can go into action. We’ve already got the ability to charter planes to fly them over as soon as possible.

“There’s a wall of good people who want to help. It’s heart-warming how the British public want to help. We need the British Government to let the refugees in.”





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