Morgan predicts Foundation will do even ‘bigger and better’ things in the future

Philanthropist Steve Morgan CBE has predicted the Steve Morgan Foundation will do even ‘bigger and better’ things in the years to come.

He was speaking at Monday’s 20th Anniversary Conference and Awards at Carden Park Hotel.

The Redrow founder launched the Steve Morgan Foundation in 2001 to support vulnerable people across Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales.

Since then it has grown massively and in 2020/21 the Foundation distributed a record £25.8m to charities struggling with the pandemic, helping more than 2.2m people in the process.

Steve and Sally Morgan with a 20th anniversary cake alongside Jane Harris
Steve and Sally Morgan with a 20th anniversary cake alongside Jane Harris

Earlier this month Mr Morgan pledged to meet the cost of bringing 1,000 displaced Ukrainians to the UK in a gesture that is likely to cost millions of pounds.

On Monday he handed out nearly £200,000 in prize money to charities from across the region as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations.

Reflecting on the last two decades Mr Morgan said: “I never once thought we’d have a conference like this and the Foundation would be anything like the size it is.

“When we kicked off it was all about giving something back to communities, particularly communities I grew up in, but it’s grown into something phenomenally big.

Steve Morgan being interviewed by Chris Maguire
Steve Morgan being interviewed by Chris Maguire

“It’s really exciting to think of some of the things we’re getting into and the scale of the projects.”

Last September Mr Morgan formally opened the purpose-built Maggie’s Wirral at the Steve Morgan Foundation Building in the grounds of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, which the Foundation commissioned, designed, built and funded.

The Foundation also committed £2m to the ground-breaking Cradle to Career programme, which aims to transform the lives or children and young people in North Birkenhead.

The winners photo at the Steve Morgan Foundation 20th Anniversary Awards

Looking back on his achievements Mr Morgan said: “I never look back and reflect on things. There are always causes to fight for and support.

“What we’re doing to support Ukrainians is massive. There always seems to be a cause for the Foundation. It’s giving something back.”

Mr Morgan founded Redrow in 1974 and by 2018 the company had handed over its 100,000th home.

The entrepreneur said: “I’ve been very fortunate to be very successful in life and built homes for a third of a million people.  In doing so we’ve created these homes but now it’s about creating a safety net for the less fortunate people in life. It’s a privilege to be able to do so.”

The philanthropist also took time out to thank the hard-working staff at the Steve Morgan Foundation, especially the director of regional grants Jane Harris.

“Jane and the team have been phenomenal and we couldn’t have done it without them,” he said. “As for the future it’s about continuing to do bigger and better things.”



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