Loving Life…

A bubbly six-year-old girl from Ellesmere Port has been able to gain some independence thanks to receiving an Enable grant for a Kids Leggera Wheelchair.

Evaline, who attends Brookside Primary School, has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, and uses sticks to get around at home and school and a K-Walker for outside.

Despite her disabilities, she remains a very sociable and independent little girl who enjoys a wide range of activities including Rainbows, swimming and family outings

Her previous standard wheelchair was extremely heavy and cumbersome with big arm-rests which she couldn’t really use to self-propel.

Thanks to an Enable grant of £2,450, Evaline now has the new lightweight wheelchair which is making life far easier and allowing her to make use of her independence.

“With her previous wheelchair, Evaline needed to be pushed around and she didn’t feel like she was six-years-old, she felt like a baby,” says mum Rebecca.

“Now she has the new lightweight wheelchair she is able to keep up with her friends, participate at school and get involved in the Daily Mile whereas before she needed to be pushed by a member of staff.

“It is given her a lot more independence which is great because she loves life and is really happy.”

Evaline is also a regular attendee at the Stick ‘n’ Step charity which has also been supported by the Steve Morgan Foundation, who made a substantial capital grant for their new premises in Runcorn.

“Stick ‘n Step has made a massive difference for Evaline,” adds Rebecca.

“We started not long after her diagnosis with the parent and kids class, which taught us a lot about how to manage her tightness, and the stretches and exercises that she needed to do.

“Now she is older she can go to the classes on her own and again enjoy that independence and learn some more valuable life skills.

“This includes things such as being able to use a knife and fork as well as the physical exercises she needs to do to be able to stretch out and move freely.”

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