Lily In The Pink After Trike Helps Twins

A four-year-old girl from Anglesey is now able to enjoy bike rides with her twin sister and parents thanks to the donation of a Tomcat Trike from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The Foundation’s Enable programme has made a donation of £2,500 to young Lilly for the Tomcat Trailer Trike, which can also be attached to one of her parents’ bikes if necessary.

Lilly suffers from cerebral palsy, which leads to diminished muscle strength, sensation, co-ordination and fine motor skills in her limbs.

It was at the launch of the Cycling Projects ‘Wheels for All’ initiative in North Wales back in February, supported by the Steve Morgan Foundation, that Lilly and her Mum first enjoyed the experience of the trike which set the wheels quite literally in motion for the subsequent award. (Pictured here)

“Lilly is unable to ride a standard bike, and that has the potential to create barriers between her and her sister Daisy, who is able bodied,” explains the Foundation’s Enable Funding Officer Karen Charles.

“So not only will this trike strengthen Lilly’s core and the muscles in her arms and legs, it will also strengthen the relationship with her sister, who has perhaps been held back a little bit so as not to make Lilly feel left out.

“Being able to ride her own trike is going to really improve Lilly’s independence and confidence and ensure she is able to take part in activities with her family.

“The Trike can also be attached to one of Lilly’s parents’ bikes where necessary, which will enable them all to go out on bike rides together.”

And that is what the family have already managed to do, as shown by some of our photos.

Dad Johnathan says: “I would like to thank the foundation for the support in allowing my child the freedom every child deserves of being able to experience riding a bike.

“It is a key building block in any child’s life and for so long it is one that has been missing for Lilly.

“Without the charity this would not have been possible.

“I would like to say again thank you for this opportunity to become a closer family again and be able to have fun together.”


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