‘My Life Has Changed Forever’

A 47-year-old woman from Blacon says that her “life has changed forever” thanks to the award of a new wheelchair from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

The Foundation’s Enable funding programme has awarded a grant of over £11,500 to the total cost of £14,651 for a new All Terrain Wheelchair for Julie.

And this means that Julie can now get out and about again and “be a real Auntie to her niece and nephew” as a result.

Julie suffers from a progressive neurological disorder, spinal stenosis (which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine) and suspected strokes.

Now confined to a wheelchair, Julie has been in constant pain and has been indebted to the help of family and friends for a level of support which helps her maintain some independence.

Her previous wheelchair was not providing sufficient postural support and caused great discomfort over longer distances outdoors, as well as offering no comfort or suspension on different surfaces.

The level of discomfort had led to Julie being unable to leave the house, prompting feelings of social isolation and affecting her mental health and wellbeing.

The All Terrain Wheelchair is suitable for all surfaces, and can climb steep kerbs, but unfortunately is not available on the NHS.

That is where the Steve Morgan Foundation have stepped in with an Enable grant for the majority of the funding for the wheelchair, much to Julie’s delight.

“I will never be able to say thank you enough or repay the kindness shown by the Foundation,” she says.

“My life has changed forever.

“No more couch potato, and I can get back to being the ‘me’ I was before – ‘outdoors Julie’!

“Being able to go back to the beach, rambling in the woods, and being a real Auntie to my niece and nephew.

“I know my Mum and Dad and my sister want to send a massive hug as well for giving them back a daughter and a sister.

“I will forever be eternally grateful for this amazing gift.”

*Can we help you with Enable funding? Check our website for the application criteria or call us on (01829) 782808.

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