Lexie’s Thank You

An eight-year-old girl from Llandudno who has cerebral palsy has sent the Steve Morgan Foundation a wonderful thank you message after receiving an Enable grant for a Wheelchair transporter.

Lexie has significant developmental delay and further difficulties with feeding and swallowing, and has also undergone surgery to correct a hip dislocation.

The Nihola Flex Wheelchair transporter is a customised bicycle, which includes an enclosed platform attached at the front to carry Lexie in her wheelchair.

The equipment enables Lexie and her family to go out on a bike ride together, and allows her to experience the freedom of moving on a bike.

“It can be difficult for the family to find activities that they all enjoy, and this equipment helps them to spend some quality time together,” says Jane Harris, Director of Regional Grants with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“The transporter is also going to be able to last Lexie until she grows until she is an adult and can accommodate her own wheelchair.

“Lexie is a bright, sociable and chatty little girl, who wants to be as independent as possible and be like her peers and her 12-year-old sister.

“Her family are all very supportive and have been keen to do all they can to help Lexie develop her potential and live life to the full.”

An Enable grant of £4,450 helped fund the transporter, which Lexie was delighted to receive, as shown by her video message.

“I know there are so many people who would like this too I am very lucky,” she said.

“I have had my first go and will be going on it lots and lots in the future.

“I want to say thank you to the Steve Morgan Foundation for doing this for me.”

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