Jack Loving New Sensory Room

A nine-year-old boy from Liverpool who has previously received treatment to improve his mental health is benefitting from an Enable grant for a new sensory/soft play room.

Jack, who has Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism, has come through a very stressful and challenging year after moving to a new school led to a decline in his mental health, which spiralled downwards to such an extent that he was hospitalised and sent to a mental health unit in Sheffield for treatment.

His plight was highlighted in the media to show the lack of provision for mental health care for children in the area and, after Mum Kerry put out a plea on Facebook, Jack was inundated with cards and presents from well-wishers throughout the world.

Although now back at home, there are still challenges for Jack who often feels isolated and finds being in the community a challenging experience.

“Jack needs regular feedback in a safe environment where he can begin to develop his skills to self-regulate, remain calm and focus on activities of interest,” said Karen Charles, Enable Funding Officer with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“His Mum ensures he receives sensory feedback every 45 minutes throughout the day in order to keep him calm.

“Prior to having the new sensory equipment, this often took the form of Jack banging himself against walls, boxing with punchbags, climbing, jumping down the stairs, lifting furniture, or using his Mum to shoulder barge, or apply pressured weight upon him.

“The new provision of a safe, soft playroom and sensory area now supports Jack to maintain a calm, alert state of arousal and reduce the risks of his mental health deteriorating and harm to himself and others.

“Having the ability to receive the amount of feedback he requires in his own home environment will contribute to improving his overall health and wellbeing and enhance his life, at the same time as reducing the strain on his mum, who, in her words, was ‘exhausted and bruised’ from providing the physical sensory feedback that he needs.”

An Enable grant of £4,900 for sensory and soft play equipment has helped Jack get that feedback that he requires and, as Mum Kerry explains, is making a really positive difference to his life.

“Jack is delighted with his sensory/soft play room and he uses it all the time,” says Kerry.

“We use it every morning, every night and right throughout the weekend.

“He gets lots of preceptive and vestibular input and then lots of calming input afterwards.

“This room has reduced Jack’s sensory overloads and his challenging behaviour has improved immensely – it provides all the therapeutic support that he needs.

“Jack is now also attending a new school by himself and doing really well – and is even using the school’s transport.

“We would like to thank the Steve Morgan Foundation for everything they have done for us as a family as this support was needed more than anything.”


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