‘Jack Flash’ As Proud As Punch!

The family of  a young boy from Shotton who has been supported by the Steve Morgan Foundation say his life has been “enriched” by a new state-of-the-art wheelchair.

Jack Gerrard, aged six, suffers from Angelman Syndrome, a severe genetic disorder which affects the nervous system, as well as epilepsy, and his NHS-funded wheelchair was unable to offer sufficient head or posture support.

But a new state-of-the-art wheelchair, donated by the Steve Morgan Foundation’s Enable programme which provides specialist disability equipment, has made Jack far more comfortable and left him feeling “proud as punch”.

“Due to his condition, Jack has never taken a step without support and struggles with balance and gait issues,” says his Mum Cheryl.

“He also has epilepsy and this is the biggest worry for us.

“His old wheelchair offered no posture support or appropriate head support, it was too restrictive and very small, but we were told that was the best they had.

“The wheelchair provided by the Steve Morgan foundation provides Jack with the utmost comfort, whilst making him feel happy, secure and safe.

“I’m sure he also feels proud as punch as he cruises around the school and streets! He is the coolest boy on the block!”

Cheryl has described just how the new wheelchair, which followed a £5,000 grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation, has changed Jack’s life and indeed that of the whole family.

“There are so many reasons this chair has enriched our lives and Jack’s happiness,” she added.

“He has curvature of the spine, and this chair reduces the likelihood of it getting worse.

“The pressure cushion prevents potential sores to his bottom – the straps move with Jack rather than restricting him – and it can be tilted back in an emergency if he suffers a seizure.

“He is the envy of the local kids and knowing he is so comfortable makes life easier for the whole family.

“Jack has had his fair share of discomfort, illness and hospital admissions, and I cannot emphasise how much this wheelchair means to us and how grateful we are.

“This chariot suits him down to the ground – our little ‘Jack Flash’ would say thank you himself if he could!”

Jane Harris, administrator of the Steve Morgan Foundation, says they are inviting applications from people of all ages within the regions covered by the charity.

Jane says:  “The family have had to cope with so much, and it is fabulous to see the difference that his wheelchair has made not only to Jack but his Mum and Step-Dad as well.

“He is such a happy little boy, and when he came to our Christmas party and met Steve in December, he couldn’t stop dancing away in the wheelchair.

“We are keen to help other people of all ages with specialist disability equipment via our Enable programme, and are also prepared to work with other organisations to help with funding when required.”

For more details of the criteria for Enable grants, contact us on (01829) 782808.




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