Home Start Is Where The Heart Is!

A charity which provides support and friendship to local families which is often viewed as a ‘lifeline’ has been benefitting from support from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Home-Start Denbighshire is two years through a grant which has helped fund the role of Scheme Organiser, covering both the urban north and rural south of Denbighshire.

The charity is part of a national network which works with families in communities across the UK, based around the foundations of volunteers delivering support and advice to people within their own homes.

“Without the funding from Steve Morgan Foundation, Denbighshire Home-Start would have struggled to continue to provide a trusted bespoke support for families,” said Scheme Manager Meira Owen.

“Many of our families see the support as a lifeline.

“The grant has enabled us to continue to fund a Scheme Organiser post covering both the urban north and rural south of Denbighshire, and came at a time when we were struggling financially.

“We are very grateful that the trustees of the Steve Morgan Foundation allowed us to deliver support in isolated communities throughout the county, particularly in areas where community resources are lacking, and rural poverty a genuine issue.

“By now, we have become part of Home-Start Cymru, and although stronger together, there is a deep commitment to offer local services to local families. 

“We will still be recruiting volunteers from local areas to support local families within Denbighshire.”

The support given by Home Start is wide ranging with an approach tailored to the people concerned, all based around compassionate, confidential help and expert support.

Statistics have shown that the charity plays a huge part in improving the lives of people who are facing isolation, experiencing low self-esteem and coping with mental health issues.

“As well as the home visiting, the funding has helped us to run family groups,” added Meira.

“We covered subjects such as managing children’s behaviour, budgeting, healthy eating as well as introducing new skills such as knitting, sewing, make do and mend. 

“The difference made is that the families felt more confident in life skills, and in their ability to cope with life’s challenges. 

“We were also able to secure grants to buy equipment such as cots, stairgates and bedding for families on low income. 

“We were able to help families keep to medical appointments by offering transport, reassurance, and advice and encouragement to adhere to medical advice received. 

“We have also helped families access foodbanks and were able to share donated baby/toddler items of clothing as well as toys.”

To find out more about Home-Start Denbighshire, click here.

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