Helping The Community

A Crewe-based charity which supports vulnerable people in the local community has helped many families became debt free thanks to the support of the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Christians against Poverty (CAP) is a charity which offers help and advice to people suffering from financial problems via its CAP Debt Centre, offering support not just to come out of debt but also be able to budget properly and remain debt-free in the future.

The charity has now completed three years of a funding programme from the Steve Morgan Foundation towards salary and core costs, and is now able to continue to provide such a valuable service thanks to several other grants.

“The grant from the Steve Morgan Foundation has enabled the CAP Debt Centre in Crewe to see twice as many clients over a three-year period,” said Annette Crawford, Community Links Coordinator and CAP Money Coach.

“This allowed us to provide double the number of new client appointments to those living in debt and poverty in Crewe and the surrounding area. 

“Without this grant a second CAP Debt Coach could not have remained employed and the CAP Debt Centre would have had only half as many new client appointments available. 

“The fact that the grant has been given to us over a three-year period has been fantastic, as it has allowed us to concentrate on supporting families rather than searching for grants.

“The CAP Debt Centre is now fully booked for three months in advance and has remained so for 10 months. 

“This shows that the demand for debt counselling support in the Crewe and surrounding area is high. 

“We are therefore currently looking with CAP Head Office at ways in which our service can be expanded further.”

The work involved with helping out people with financial issues includes negotiating with creditors on their behalf, setting the clients a budget and providing ongoing financial support and insolvency advice.

There are a variety of reasons why people get into debt such as a job loss, breakdown of a relationship, bereavement, changes to benefits or illness, and these issues can lead to depression, suicidal tendencies, addictions and negative effects on children within the family.

“We just wanted to say thank you to the Steve Morgan Foundation for trusting us with this funding over the last three years,” added Annette.

“We are incredibly grateful for what it’s been possible to do through employing two debt coaches at the CAP Debt Centre in Crewe. 

“Over the last three years we have helped 169 households who are struggling with debt and poverty and have had the privilege of seeing 38 families becoming debt free. 

“The work we do is long term and sometimes families take up to five years to get out of debt so the funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation continues to support even now.”

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