Helping Miss Maisie

An Enable grant has helped a family transform a room at their house into a sensory room to help a young girl enjoy some much-needed personal space.

Maisie is diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, global developmental delay and epilepsy, and also has complex medical needs and visual impairment.

A permanent wheelchair user, Maisie is totally reliant on others for all personal care and moving around, and can often become very unsettled due to her complex needs.

“The family have recently moved to a permanent, stable home after waiting for two years for a suitable property to accommodate Maisie’s needs,” says Lindsey De Bartolo, Enable Funding Officer with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“They had a room available to turn into a sensory room, as Maisie has some vision and is really stimulated by sounds and images.

“When she had accessed sensory rooms in the past, they had helped to settle and calm her.

“The provision of sensory equipment has helped to give Maisie a much-needed space, in her own home, to calm down and relax when necessary.

“The interactive elements give her the required stimulation to bring on her development and help improve her interaction with her surroundings and family.

“The family’s wellbeing as a whole has also benefitted, as Maisie’s parents can settle her in her room and, knowing she is safe and happy, spend valuable time with their two other young children.”

An Enable grant of £4,300 was awarded for the Sensory package for Maisie.

“Maisie is so happy with her sensory room which has been such a sanctuary for her – she gets so much out of it,” said Maisie’s Dad.

“She even lets her brother use it sometimes!

“Maisie is definitely a happier girl for the help from the Steve Morgan Foundation.”

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