Harry’s Game For Outdoor Fun

A ten-year-old boy from Connah’s Quay who suffers from muscular dystrophy has received an Enable grant towards an All -Terrain Wheelchair which allows him to enjoy socialising and outdoor activities.

Harry is a full-time wheelchair user with limited movement in his limbs, requiring assistance with all tasks involved in daily living and the use of a ventilator overnight.

“Harry is a sociable child who loves taking part in activities with his friends and family and, despite the challenges of his condition, is a bright and positive boy who attends a mainstream primary school,” says Jane Harris, Regional Grants Director with the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“However, his previous NHS wheelchair was not fit for outdoor activities, such as travelling across cycle paths, fields, wooded terrain or beaches, leaving Harry feeling increasingly excluded and frustrated.

“The new 4×4 all-terrain wheelchair that our Enable grant has helped provide now allows him to enjoy outdoor activities with his friends, regardless of the terrain and conditions.

“In turn, this has helped improve Harry’s mood, confidence and quality of life.”

The Steve Morgan Foundation has provided an Enable grant of £9,000 towards the overall cost of the all-terrain wheelchair.

“Harry is so excited use the all-terrain wheelchair as it enables him to go with his friends to our local country park where he can drive off road and enjoy the countryside,” says Harry’s Mum, Debbie.

“He will also have the freedom to drive around on beaches, in particular at Black Rock Sands in Porthmadog when we visit.

“We would like to send our sincere thanks to the Steve Morgan Foundation for their generous contribution towards the chair.”


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