“Genuinely Life Changing”

The Steve Morgan Foundation has a long history of supporting the fantastic St Christopher’s School in Wrexham.

The largest specialist school in Wales, St Christopher’s had previously received funding for a minibus and a hydrotherapy pool from the Foundation, which has proved an “invaluable” support to pupils and staff.

Now, in the latest round of funding grants, the Steve Morgan Foundation has agreed to provide a further £30,000 towards a new Sensory Room at the school.

Katy Davies, Acting Head of the IDL Department at St Christopher’s, explains more about the school.

“We cater for children between seven and 19 with a wide variety of additional learning needs,” she says.

“These range from complex physical disabilities, health needs, autism, and other behavioural support needs.

“We are the largest specialist school in Wales, and take children from all over Wrexham, Flintshire, Cheshire and Shropshire.

“We have always had fantastic support from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

“In the past they have funded us for a minibus, and a hydrotherapy pool, which have been absolutely invaluable.

“The impact from the hydro-pool in particular has been substantial.

“We use the pool as part of the physiotherapy programme for children with complex physical needs and the difference it makes from two sessions a week is phenomenal.

“They become so much more comfortable, so much more relaxed, and more able to join in.

“It can also mean they don’t have to stay in hospital for as long as they did previously.

“When they need physiotherapy, because we have the hydro-pool, they can come out of hospital and go home earlier because we have the pool available for them at school.

“It has been really important for us to have this support – Steve and Sally came to see us after Christmas to meet the children and see the hydro-pool and it was lovely for everyone to meet them.”

The next project now underway is for the new Sensory Room which, like the hydro-pool, can bring huge benefits to the pupils at St Christopher’s.

“Our existing sensory room is 15 years old and was in need of a massive update,” adds Katy.

“We had started fundraising but it has been a long process, and it had taken a year to raise £5,000.

“We then applied to the Steve Morgan Foundation and feel so fortunate that they have agreed to fund the room.

“Again, this will make such a positive difference to the children with the most complex needs.

“The room will be used mainly by children with physical disabilities, health needs, visual impairment or hearing impairment.

“These are children who are constantly having to have things done to them, be it being fed, dressed or having their bodies stretched and manipulated.

“This will be an area of the school, and maybe even their lives, where they can go in and have complete control over what is going on.

“They can activate things in the Sensory Room with their voice, or touch, or Eye Gaze systems – it just gives them complete control which they are unable to experience anywhere else.

“It can also give them access to the curriculum which they might not have had before.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference the hydro pool and now the sensory room, will make to the pupils – it is genuinely life-changing for them.”

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