Funding pays for launch of mental health podcast

An organisation aimed at improving people’s mental and physical wellbeing has launched its own podcast after receiving support from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Evolving Mindset CIC was set up in October 2019 by brothers Andrew and Phil Noon who wanted to something for the communities in Liverpool they worked in.

Andrew works as a mental health nurse in the NHS while older sibling Phil works for a charity that supports individuals with learning disabilities and mental health needs. The brothers were concerned about the rising mental health needs and the increasing suicide rates.

As a result, Evolving Mindset was formed and enlisted a group of volunteers from the health and social care sector to develop a programme to support people’s mental health.

Community sessions are free-of-charge and aim to reduce social isolation and tackle the stigma around mental health. Sessions are designed to be inclusive and engaging and can cater to each individual’s preferred learning style.

Covid-19 forced Evolving Mindset put a stop to their live sessions but they turned to online, radio and podcasts to get their help to the people who needed it.

Andrew said: “One of our key aims is making sure people are aware of the help that is available and that it’s okay to have difficulties. We’re not a clinical provider ourselves but we are able to offer health and wellbeing support. 

“Then along came Covid-19 and we had to rethink the way we operate because of the rules on social distancing. We knew there a real need for our work but we just had to find a different way of engaging with people. 

“We immediately created some online content and started a monthly support meeting online. Our videos have reached 150,000 and not just in Merseyside.”

Andrew said they approached the Steve Morgan Foundation for help to buy equipment to produce better quality videos and podcasts.

“Our first attempt at a video was terrible so we decided we had to focus on improving the quality,” he said. “We approached the Steve Morgan Foundation and they gave us two grants totalling £5,200 to buy equipment to make videos and podcasts and  help with our mental health and wellbeing programmes. 

“We’ve seen a big increase in demand from people wanting mental health support because of rising levels of isolation and anxiety.”

Andrew said people aged behind 18 and 70 have coming forward seeking help.

“We’re having a really positive impact on people’s mental wellbeing,” he said. “The podcasts help tackle the stigma that still exists around mental health. We’re very grateful to the Steve Morgan Foundation. As a not-for-profit CIC it’s important we’re able to offer free mental health assistance to those individuals and families who need it.”

Jane Harris, director of regional funding for the Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “We know that the impact of Covid-19 has been rising levels of anxiety and isolation. Evolving Mindset CIC has continued supporting people’s mental health and that’s why we’ve given them two grants totalling £5,200 to help them.”

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